I like my smoothies sweet, so feel free to substitute flavored yogurt of your choice.

1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

1/2 cup fresh or frozen strawberries

1 Danimals Dannon brand Strikin Strawberry Kiwi flavored Smoothie (drinkable yogurt)

2 heaping TBS. Greek plain yogurt

1 TBS. honey

1 TBS. vanilla extract

1 tsp. seedless blackberry jam

I make single smoothies in my Magic Bullet, but when making for 3 or more people I use my large food processor and triple the ingredients.  Put the frozen or fresh fruit where it will be closest to the blade, and add all the rest of the ingredients and process or blend until smooth and well mixed.

I normally go to my local fresh food market 1 time a week.  I wash all my fruits in a vinegar and water bath for 15 minutes gently stirring the fruits around and than after they have soaked I rinse them well in cold water and freeze them.  Organic is not always available or the price is too much so I hope this cleaning method gets most of the dirt and pesticides off.  Any time I use apples I buy organic or peel off all the skin.


Mixed Berry Smoothie