I took a day trip with my husband and children last weekend to Spanish Point in Osprey, Florida.  Osprey is in Sarasota County where we are permanent residents.  We are trying to have local vacations in our area to save money and still have family fun and togetherness.  I had a wonderful day.  Spanish Point has a prehistoric past, a pioneer past, and the era when Bertha Palmer of Chicago bought a large portion of Sarasota and lived here for her winter estate.  We had a very informative guide show us around parts of this 30 acre site.  The walking tour was only a little over a mile.  It was fun for all listening for clues to the scavenger hunt, where once finished gave us discounts to area restaurants and other shops.  As I walked around seeing the various points of our tour I thought about the lives of the people who had once lived here and also about my own ancestors.  I loved seeing the piano with sheet music, “I Love You Truly.”  I remember my own grandmother had once sung this song to me as she was fondly remembering and sharing her own past.  Grandma loved to sing and I treasure those memories.  The children and I sat and rocked in the rocking chairs on the porch of Guptill house overlooking Little Sarasota Bay.  These are just a couple of my favorite things we did on this day trip, but the magic of the day was in the closeness of time shared with each other looking back at the history of other families viewing how they also shared in each other’s lives.  Earlier today I read a quote written by William Wordsworth, “Lines written from a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey.”  “The best portion of a good man’s life/ His little nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.”  The best times of my life are those shared with my family.  I hope your summer will be filled with many wonderful memories shared with family and friends.         


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