I dreamed my Mother-in-law told me where to find her special threaded needle and ear plugs.  She told me they were in her foot stool.  I found them in my dream and they were beautiful.  The needle was tiny and gold with very fine thread.  The ear plugs were connected by a chord and it all sparkled.   The ear plugs looked like crystals.

When I woke up I asked my husband if his mom had a special needle and ear plugs.  I knew she was a very talented needle worker.  My husband and I live in the house she and his dad owned when he was just in elementary school.  It is full of beautiful framed hand embroidery, needlepoint, crewel, and bargello work that she, her husband, and her parents made.  They have all passed on, and I only had the opportunity to know and love my husband’s father.  His mom died shortly after he graduated from high school before we started dating.  She lost her life to breast cancer.  I only knew her from pictures and from what my father-in-law and husband had told me.  Dave told me when I asked, that he wasn’t sure if she had a special needle and thread, but that she had ear plugs that she used to swim with because she had one broken ear drum.  He knew there were several foot stools in the house when his parents were alive but wasn’t sure if they could be found now.  Some day I’ll have to clean out our attic.  Who knows maybe they can be found.

I think she wanted me to realize the symbolism they represented.  That the lives of our ancestors can be viewed from the objects they left behind and in their descendants.  Her beautiful needlework-ed tapestries give us glimpses of her life and what was important to her.  We should remember the beauty of each precious stitch as we are all like a tapestry.  Sewn stitch by stitch, shaped into pictures colored by thread chosen from the moments and times of our life, even supported by and sewn from the hand of others that have touched us.  Not always beautiful and sparkling but still a very important work of art that God chose us to be represented by.  The ear plugs are to remind me that everyone will not always see us for our good, and that we have to shape and form our own opinions of those around us.  That only God has the full picture of each of us.  But also that while we are here we have many opportunities to help beautifully sew colorful threads of love and kindness into the many lives of those around us.

Tiny Needle & Ear Plugs

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